Pangea Collaboration


Collaboration with Pangea, the leading search site to discover and hire the top percentile of companies in software development, has been on our list for quite a while. We are beyond excited about becoming a part of their universe.

Nignite now belongs to the top 7% at Pangea

As a growing company, we are aiming to find more great partners for big projects. Well, it turned out that there is an amazing team at Pangea to guide us through displaying our fortes and making everything that we offer look concise and neat. We did that via our verified Pangea profile. 

The whole process is divided into sections and each of those is well organized with guidelines, so it was easy to complete each stage. People from Pangea were always available for any consultation and questions. Kudos to them!

When it comes to stages, the first one was the verification process. It was quite fun to make this short story about us, each step of this process reminded us what are our strengths and how to better ourselves. Since we want to make progress, this was very helpful to us.

Insights and key learnings

Each of the stages was there to reflect different aspects of our company. There are insights about our employees, through the team health section, and client insights and all of these are really helpful to see how well we did to this moment, but also what we can work on.

We are happy to know that our Team Health score is high, which means we are providing a great working environment. The personal growth factor stands out with a score of 9.2 out of 10, and it is similar to peers' rapport, well-being, and culture. 

Our biggest strengths when it comes to clients are related to documentation level, project management, and technical expertise. These feedbacks from our clients are quite insightful and will encourage us to develop in the right direction.

Due to everyday tasks and commotion, we sometimes do not see what needs to be improved. Going through the verification process helped us detect blindspots that we were unaware of, which will be crucial for our aim towards excellence. 


"There is a well-known concept about working on ourselves so that we can have better relationships with others and that is precisely what we apply in our work. We first and foremost make sure to have a strong foundation and structure within our company so that we can offer high-quality cooperation to our clients." - Marija Zdravkovic, HR and Administrative Manager 

Teamwork makes us stronger in every field, from rivers and snow to big projects.

Embarking on a new journey

      We want to thank our employees and the clients that participated, and last but not least, the Pangea team who are great allies from the very beginning. This will be a great journey and we can't wait to reach new horizons with all these wonderful people!