About us

We are a technology consulting company with over fifteen years of experience in producing high-quality software. Our company has around thirty employees, organized in several teams. We develop software for various industries: from cement, steel, mining, and food production to business, healthcare, and entertainment.

What defines us? What are our values?

Long term commitment

We prefer long-term commitment, but we will occasionally participate in mid-term projects. We are seeking to develop healthy and synergetic cooperation with our clients, one which will benefit both parties. 

Our business model does not support short-term projects, lasting less than three months.


Careful and responsible

Software systems tend to stay in existence once created. They grow and evolve over time. And people tend to form deep long-lasting relationships with software. Those systems can't be easily replaced, and maintaining those legacy systems is tough.

We care about the software we write. We maintain it. We refactor it. We assume it will be used for a long time. Every developer can make a code that works. But only a good developer can write maintainable code. 


Curious minds

We are attentive learners who like to sharpen our skills and broaden our knowledge every day. It keeps us energized, as we all constantly evolve as developers. 

But as much as we follow the latest trends and hypes in programming, we are not religious about them. Being dogmatic about something means shutting eyes to a possible problem. We prefer to rely on proven technologies and methodologies, with vast ecosystems and communities. Forming an unbiased opinion on new tech is a necessary step before we use it in production. 

Pursuit of Excellence

Our company is full of enthusiastic and creative people, ones who enjoy programming and building things. Their personal commitment is a sign they care and enjoy working on a project. That mindset along with the other core values is how we seek to achieve excellence. And without excellence, you can't build great things!


Being open, honest, and straightforward is what we value and strive to be. We don't hide behind jargon and fancy words. We don't cover up mistakes. Everybody makes them. Achieving synergy with our clients is when everybody wins. And the only way is by being transparent and having open and direct communication.

and having fun