In cooperation with SICEF, our managing partner Ivan Petković gave a lecture called "Evolution of Web technologies". 
His presentation is now available on Youtube. 

Team Building 2021

When you want to connect with your coworkers in times of social distancing, open-door activities are the best. We decided to take a short trip to the mountains and spend some time on the slopes. For more info, check our Instagram profile. 

What is Blockchain?

Nignite Meetup May 2020 - Andrej Rakić

Intro to TDD

Nignite Meetup May 2020 - Bojan Pavlović

Intro to ECS

 Nignite Meetup May 2020 - Nemanja Raković

Reactive vs. Imperative

Nignite Meetup May 2020 - Danko Rancić

Ski trip 2019

Every year a few of our coworkers decide they want to learn skiing. Usually, it takes a fair share of bumps and bruises, but by the end of our trip, we are all good to go for a nice downhill from the top. 

Introduction to ELM technology

Nignite Meetup December 2019 - Petar Stokic


Nignite Meetup December 2019 - Julije Kostov 


Nignite Meetup December 2019 - Strahinja Laktovic


Nignite Meetup December 2019 - Stevica Stojkovic